Prostitute Karaoke Volume 1

Audio8 hooks us up with another free album download. Sunn tha Sarkastic, Polyphonic the Verbose, Flesh O.N.E. and AM Overtone come together for this nice comp titled Prostitue Karaoke Volume 1. I actually received the ep as a gift a few months ago and was very pleasantly surprised. Link

In 2004 Prostitute Karaoke Volume 1 was released only on vinyl and essentially never heard outside of a small group of DJs. The full length CD that was to follow never happened, and now two years later, remastered and with bonus material the album is available as a digital release. An idiosyncratic and moody album, Prostitute Karaoke is at times obtuse and frusterated, prone to angry didactic raps, paranoid political samples and disconcerting glitches and static.

1 Space Beat
2 Underdog
3 Enter the Pimp pt. 1
4 Enter the Pimp pt. 2
5 Master of the Universe
6 Prostitute Karaoke
7 Shadow of the Empire
8 Line After Line
9 Neighbor (featuring Nico B)
10 Messian
11 20,000 Leagues
12 IQ Tactics
13 Harp Interlude
14 I Politic
15 In the Future

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