Radel Esca - Work Ethic

Washington D.C. based artist collective and record label, Echelon Productions, has just made available for free download a compilation of songs by one of their leading artists, Radel Esca. Track below features Blake9 of Candlewax/Irish Car Bomb Music. Link


April Fool (Slight Return) ft. Blake9
by Radel Esca

“Echelon Productions proudly presents the latest release by Radel Esca, entitled “Work/Ethic.” A collection of previously unreleased & soon to be underground gems taken from the period 2001-2004. Featuring a melange of collaborations, instrumentals, demos, mellow beats and bangers, Radel Esca truly shows his versatility on this fine set of tunes….”

“Echelon Productions & Radel Esca release “Work/Ethic” free to the public for download. Thats right, FREE! Featuring appearances by Mad Squirrel from the Acorns, Comel_15 from Time Machine, some beats and cuts by DJ Blake9, Stamen & Pistils and more!”

1. Leaving Home Without Exact Fare ft. Stamen & Pistils
2. On the Commodification of Time
3. Daydreams
4. Hyde Park
5. Wormwood
6. Once Precious
7. April Fool (Slight Return) ft. Blake9
8. Moving Pictures
9. The Day Time Stood Still ft. Comel_15
10. I’m All That ft. Mad Squirrel
11. The Luxury of Grit Pt. 1
12. The Luxury of Grit Pt. 2