luz mob

I am feeling both of these songs very much. Luz Fleming can rip the sax & clarinet like nobody’s business and he can rock a mullet better than Sage Francis. Nice laid back music to chill to with your girl who hates that hard rap stuff. Seriously though, I’m liking the instrumentation and the mixture of musical genres. Cumbia what! F a review, listen for yourself! (Thanks Lucy!)


La Subienda
by Luz Mob


Run Babylon
by Luz Mob

luz mob - interpretations

Luz Interpretations has been in the works for more than 3 years, as L-Mob traversed the country, from deepest Brooklyn to the mountains of Colorado, to the S.F.City by The Bay. Crossing genres from cumbia and bachata to dub and reggae to jazz and soul, Luz Interpretations is a tasty stew, flavored correctly with banging beats, thick horn arrangements, and varied spices from across the CrystalTop fam on every instrument in the symphony. Mixed by legendary engineer and producer, Scotty Hard (Medeski, Martin & Wood, Wu-Tang Clan, Prince Paul).