ATL SWAT Team raided the Aphilliates Music Group’s offices yesterday. 17 people detained along with “ring leaders” Dj Drama and Don Cannon. Police had warrants for arrest based on massive counterfeiting. I think this event will have significant ramifications for the already rocky and “under the table” relationship between major labels and mixtape djs. Because of Drama’s and Cannon’s legitimate ties to the industry though, I really hope they will have access to some high-powered attorneys that can force a balanced discussion between both sides of the argument. As you’ll see in the video (link below), even their cars were confiscated. It would be interesting to see how prosecutors prove the cars were bought with funds from illegal mixtapes instead of the mixtapes with only approved and owned content (like those willie/la cds which I assume were made in conjunction with the djs since both artists, I believe, are unsigned).

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update: Dj Drama’s Sister Responds To RIAA Raid
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