50 Cent & Co. trying to figure out how to release Prodigy’s much hyped about Return Of The Mac mixtape. Releasing it officially would be a copyright nightmare unless they redo songs. But as Alchemist points out, it would ruin the music. Please don’t muck this one up. Link

Alchemist said he has produced Prodigy’s entire Return of the Mac mixtape. The only question now is if it will come out officially or on the streets.

“We already did videos for it and everything,” Alchemist said recently in New York. “P did three videos. It’s P bugging out. It’s dope.”

Al said he and the Mobb Deep rapper were reminiscing one day and came out with the concept for the mixtape. “Basically me and P were talking, watching [Capone-N-Noreaga’s] ‘LA LA’ video [featuring Prodigy]. … I was like, ‘Yeah, that sh– was crazy. We gotta go back to that time frame. Not do your old style, but let’s go back to that feeling.’ That’s where we came up with the name Return of the Mac. It sounds like some pimp sh–. We just flipped it. … We flipped a lot of samples from the blaxploitation films. We chopped them up and looped them. They came out dope.”

Alchemist said that when 50 Cent heard the material, he flipped out and immediately thought about releasing it on a much grander scale than your neighborhood bootlegger. “Now that 50 heard it, he’s trying to figure out how we could put it out officially,” Alchemist said. “But there’s no way it can come out officially. It’s riddled with samples. If they try to put it out for real, they’ll ruin it.”

Regardless, Al insisted, “It’s straight P through the whole tape. We only have one guest appearance. P is going in. This whole sh– is hot. Me and him always collaborate well.” …