Dead Magazine Issue 1

Equinox masterminds released the first issue of Dead Magazine, available for free download. German/English speaking fans will be able to understand all of it. English speaking fans, about half. Link

It includes features about and interviews with Nasa of Uncommon Records, Arcsin, Darc Mind, DJ Shadow and Omid, plus tons of reviews & playlists. The magazine is written in German, but as most of the interviews were made in English language, this should be interesting to everybody out there.

A limited edition print version of the magazine will be available Monday next week (October 23rd) at selected mailorders and stores. The print version will include an exclusive Compilation CD “DEAD Volume 1” feat. Scott da Ros & Bleubird, Centri, Stacs Of Stamina & The Presence, adcBycycle, Omid, Arcsin, The Great Mundane, Audio88, Misanthrop & Aqua Luminus III.