Big up to deconmedia for putting me up on some good fresh music, which is all I really want in life (sigh). It seems Wax Tailor has been releasing albums for some time now (in France?) but this is my first time stumbling upon his work. I’ve only heard three tracks so far but they left me with a desire to hear more. I also peeped this video, which I can’t help but feel left me with a subtle, possibly subconscious yearning for something else. It’s for an instrumental song titled Hypnosis Theme (caution: not work safe) from his Tales of Forgotten Melodies album. The director did a great job although if you’re under 18 you might need your parent’s permission to watch. Deconmedia has also graciously made availabe another instrumental which is to be the single from the same album. Look out for the lp’s US release on May 30th. Do not sleep. And if anyone knows of any other foreign artists or music which has a greater chance of not getting play in the US of A, please send it on in.

Que Sera
by Wax Tailor