Shout out to everyone that speaks their mind and minds what they speak. New year, more good music. All of these records are currently available for sale or will be very soon. Please go out and support your favorite artists and they will support you. If you can’t find a release, ask yourself, am I really looking?

PLAYTIME: 43min 11sec
SIZE: 59.3 megs

Genus Pro – Oregonized []
Chino XL + Proof – Our Time []
CL Smooth – Smoke In The Air [support]
El Da Sensei – Crowd Pleasa [support]
Royal Fam – Rules 101 [support]
ZSoul – Blank Check [support]
Illogic – Get Up Remix []
Eddie Meeks + Wille Evans – Grown Folklore []
Grand Daddy IU – Mack Of The Year []
Envelope – I’m Not Poor [support]
Adlib – Track 4 [support]

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