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Another month’s worth of music. The releases featured below are currently available for purchase or will be very soon. Please support the artists and they will support you.

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FEED: 001100.xml
Size: 65.9 MBs
Playtime: 47:59
Tracks: 14

Joey Beats - Indie Rock Blues

01. “I” (andrew bird)
by Joey Beats

 Third Sight - Symbiones Liberation Album

02. anti-happy
by Third Sight

Lunch Box Beats Vol. 1

03. whiskey bar
by Stryke, Verbal, Pnam

Da Vu - The Sun Do Move

04. chicken n tea
by Da Vu

05. raekwon state of grace

Sadat X - Experience and Education

06. the great diamond d
by Sadat X with Heltah Skeltah

Insomniac - Polygonal Planet

07. bad day
by Insomniac

Eibol - Karma Kingdom

08. all for what
by eibol

Yak Ballz - The Missing Cassettes

09. homework
by yak ballz

Y-Kim - Monster Reborn Vol. 1

10. why it gotta be like that
by shareka + raizin hell

Starrs and Murph - Loose Change

11. turn my mic up
by starrs and murph

Shaman Works' Beatology Vol. 1

12. showdown at the hoedown intro
by prince paul and newkirk

Paul Wall - The People's Champ

13. internet going nuts (chopped & screwed version)
by Paul Wall

Mike Ladd - Father Divine

14. crooner island
by Mike Ladd

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