American Hunger Digital Magazine

Percy Carey inspires me. Through his music, his personal saga and his recent successes, he has consistently provided a source of renewable positive energy to counter the disillusionments that occasionally consume my will. Most recently he is proving to me that the revolution of independent music and art is triumphing over the oppression of the aging empires that naively try to retain their power by trying to shackle our freedom of expression. He is showing and proving that independent artists can create their own outlets, reach their own people and be successful without compromising their work or their ability to live well. American Hunger is a digital magazine that focuses on the sub-culture we all relate to. It is an outlet for the work of independent artists. It is an expression of Mr. Carey’s retaliation against the empires that be., Interview with Serengeti, Rat Bones by Gentle Jones

rat bones by gentle jones (click for bigger image)