We’ve been busy running around barefoot in the grass lately and so I’m sure we’ve been sleeping on a lot of good new music. But being the somewhat industry insiders that we are, we found a few fresh tracks to share. We’ve also been testing broadcasts (think podcasts) and torrents lately, which will eventually make it a lot easier for heads to access media at any time, not just temporarily. But we’re still working out the kinks so don’t hold your breath. In the mean-time enjoy these few and let us know what you think. – people at grandgood


Hydroponic Sound System – Distractions [support]

Jus Allah – Pool of Blood featuring GZA [support]

Odd Nosdam – Hollow Me featuring Dax Pierson & JB [support]

M.I.A – Dash The Curry Skit [bonus skit for Australian release, support]

Sleep – Can’t Be Touched featuring Abstract Rude [support]

Will Smith – Lost and Found [support]

Although we all couldn’t agree about the success of this track, we thought it would be nice to include. As a point of contrast and reference we’ve decided to also up a live recording of Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. A super young and humble Will Smith is opening a show and does a good job at hyping the crowd while Jeff scratches it up – 1986 at Union Square

Serengeti – Pilates Freestyle [support]