Nate Patrin sounds very disappointed with the new Handsome Boy Modeling School album. He pretty much fronts on the whole concept, from the guest appearances to the comedy-skits to the production. I guess he didn’t get as excited as I did when Lord Finesse starts spittin right after the transition in HHCNRRLT Pt II. And why shouldn’t Finesse try to set the record straight about how Fatboy Slim sampled him (arguably for his most popular song) and never paid him a dime?

Anyway, I hope his disappointment from the album didn’t influence his decision to shut down his blog. Or, I hope whatever disappointment he’s experiencing (blog or whatever) doesn’t influence his writing for too long. I for one enjoyed reading his rants. Link to review; Link to Nate’s blog; Link to Nate’s old blog; Link to other reviews