Search Warrant

Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff, Murder, Inc.’s Muscle, Linked to Three Killings

For those who have been following some of the events surrounding the notorious Supreme Team, day before yesterday Dennis “Divine” Crosby and Nicole Brown were indicted for the murder of Eric Smith, aka E. Money Bags. The Smoking Gun has made available the actual search warrant affidavit.

DJ Kay Slay - E Money Bags Mixtape

For those who are not familiar with E. Money Bags, he was a rapper from Queens (amongst other things) loosely associated with other Queens rappers like 50cent, mobb deep, noreaga, nature etc. He released a few tracks which circulated in the underground through mixtapes. I was a big fan, especially around that era. We digged through our archives and made some tracks available. A lot of them are from my old mixtapes and a dub of his lp so excuse the shout outs and low quality. If your interest is sparked you might want to cop the Kay Slay dedication.

E Money Bags, Kool G Rap, Nature – Friend Of Ours
E Money Bags, Noreaga, Uknown – Thugged Out
E Money Bags, Prodigy – Heads Off
E Money Bags, Nature – How Cool Can One Man Be

E Money Bags, Prodigy – Regulate
E Money Bags, Live Squad, Tupac – Big Time