This image was captured @ Cornell University in April 2013. I was in town for their “Unbound from the Underground” showcase.

Some random memories:

    – Picking up Tony Tone and DJ Outlaw (RIP) and then going to a record store, where we ran into Breakbeat Lou
    – Tony Tone and DJ Outlaw letting me stay in their comfortable hotel room. Always and forever much love/appreciation to them and the Cold Crush Brothers.
    – DJ Outlaw cracking up for hours in the car about seeing pigeons with name tags attached to their legs, and Tony Tone and I looking at him like he’s crazy. He had an infectious laugh. He might’ve smoked a bit too much.
    – Constantly looking for late night food but always ending up at the same sandwich spot, and JDL getting frustrated with the same food. I can still hear his raspy voice talking about it.

Much love to the Cold Crush Brothers. Shout out to Katherine Reagan and Ben Ortiz, who is responsible for preserving massive amounts of Hip-Hop culture in the university’s vault. Big ups to those that were present that weekend but not in this image (e.g. Grandmaster Caz, Joe Conzo, Breakbeat Lou, Ernie P, etc.).