Emily Rugburn - Statutory Tape

Independent Jersey based collective Slangcorp treated us to a free extended play last month that featured MCing from Newark mainstay Tame One. Sounding refreshed and creatively loose, Tame took the opportunity to remind listeners of his ability. Also captured in that recording is a certain vibe of spontaneity that is too frequently absent in this age of polished, contrived contemporary rap. Subtitled “Junkwaffel Meets Cheech Wizard”, the Hell or High Water EP was produced entirely by Dj Junkwaffel.

Alongside TMFSE, Junkwaffel is a primary contributor to the group Emily Rugburn. Because we were somewhat taken aback by Tame’s performance and the music that inspired his wordplay, we approached the group to provide us with more background on the record.

The producer was unreachable but according to The Man From Somewhere Else, him, Tame One, Junk, and Shape were recently all lamping at the studio when spliff by spliff a series of tracks started to coalesce. Originally imagined as a three part album, with different segments focused on the respective MCs, the project was instead cut up into separate EPs. The second part is now upon us.

GRANDGOOD and Slangcorp present Statutory Tape, an EP by Emily Rugburn.

1. Intro
2. The Fresh Prince of Hell Yeah
3. Ode To Zooey Deschanel
4. The Greatest Thing Ever Thunk
5. Ode To Corey Haim
6. The Whatif’s
7. Ode To Ian Ziering
8. Egyptian Ratfuck ft. Shape
9. The Passaic River Phoenix
10. Get Mild Shit (free download)

The EP is available immediately for digital consumption. “Get Mild Shit“, track number 10, is being offered as a free download. 30 minute cassettes were also manufactured and will be available at shows. When you cop the shrink-wrapped, magnetic tape you also receive a download code that entitles you to the digital version.