Grandmaster Caz

Grandmaster Caz was recently in LA and Phillie touring with Busy Bee and KRS-One, getting ready to hit more cities with an overnight package of GrandGood 7inches in hand. We’ll post some dates when they get confirmed. As for our little project, we keep on getting the same question from record store buyers, radio guys, and the few listeners who actually appreciate something like Grandmaster Caz, Dj Signify, Steinski, Waterbed Kev and GrandGood (who?) working together to present something special. Is this just a 7inch? Is this leading to an album? This 7inch was always meant to be just 5-6 minutes of quality music at the request and under the slight direction of GrandGood. We wanted to get Caz coming from a different angle – different than what we’ve heard from the few recent Caz tracks of the past few years. If you’re familiar with Dj Signify and his LP on Lex you’ll probably notice this record is a bit more upbeat, but rest assured the drums are hard. Waterbed Kev had a big helping hand in the recording of GMC’s vocals and while in the mix-down phase Signify finally put away the giant multitrack recorder and stepped further into the Digidesign domain with help from Steinski.

Album? Who are we Tuff City? Some projects are shorter than others. Not every recording – hip hop or otherwise – has to be a 22 track album or fill 80 minutes of compact disc or even the 18 minutes per side for a 12″. We probably won’t do any more 7inch vinyl for anything else we work on. We were reminded of all this while reading an interview with Hardy Fox (“spokesperson” for the Residents) in the latest issue of TapeOP.