Relentless Disillusion now available at Turntable Lab. You can see one of the videos at Link

Lab Exclusivo: Purchase the Dextah album and get a Free DVD of videos by D128, while supplies last.

Lemme tell you ’bout Dextah mang. We actually used to refer to him as “Angry Carl” and he used to tell me about all the fresh wax at “Rasputin’s”(when they actually carried decent wax) back in Cali. Funny thing is , he’s not all that angry, and when it comes to beats, Dextah’s no rookie. It’s pretty obvious upon first listen. Hard, driving breaks and epic compositions cover this record front to back, and will probably take multiple listens to sponge all thats going on here. These 9 tracks are from his best and latest batch. Fan’s of early Shadow productions will love the dark drums and bass work on “Sun Never Shines(1)”, “Other Side Of The Door(2)”, and the psychedelic guitar riffing on “Why Can’t I Talk To Em(3)”. Some seriously deep waters here. Also check sleazy slump of “On The Way To Work(4)” which sounds like it could easily be a kick ass lost Doom instrumental. Its clear that Dextah sticks to the fine musical aesthetic that names like Quannum, Bully, and Fourtet were built on. And in a world occupied with club bangers, there’s not too many holding it down like this anymore. Consider this your lucky re-up from the west. Also comes with a free DVD of acid-induced visuals conceived and flipped by the one and only D128.