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Cool Calm Pete presents The Food Theme

When Cool Calm Pete isn’t serving up his trademark slow flow over heavy beats, you can probably find him in the back of his aunt’s restaurant in Manhattan’s Koreatown, chowing down on an array of home-cooked dishes. The New York-based MC and producer is a true lover of food: he used to host a Flushing radio show where he would blindfold guest and do on-air taste tests of Asian snack food and he even did a series of food illustrations for this column before settling on the mouth-watering shrimp sushi option. For this issue’s Soundtrack, Cool Calm Pete did some serious digging and compiled a multi-course menu for hungry music lovers.

Mixtape includes selections from:

9th Creation, “Bubble Gum”
Audio Two, “I Like Cherries”
Gary Bartz, “Drinking Song”
The Beach Boys, “Vegetables”
Beastie Boys, “Egg Man”
BO Junior and Keb Darge, “Coffee Pot, Pt. 1”
Willie Bobo, “Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries”
Cameo, “Candy”
The Dynamics, “Ice Cream Song”
Fat Boys, “All You Can Eat”
Monk Higgins, “Little Green Apples”
JBs, “Pass the Peas”
KMD, “Plumskinzz”
Kool & the Gang, “Chocolate Buttermilk”
Galt Macdermot, “Coffee Cold”
The Mar-keys, “Banana Juice”
Jackie Mittoo & The Soul Brothers, “Chicken and Booze”
Idris Muhammad, “Bread”
Elvis Presley, “Song of the Shrimp”
Frankie Seay & The Soul Riders, “Soul Food”
Booker T. & the MG’s, “Mo’ Onions”
Norma Tanega, “Bread”
Maggie Thrett, “Soupy”
Barry Ungar, “Lightly Salted”
The Who, “Heinz Baked Beans”
Wu-Tang Clan, “Ice Cream”