Brand new (mostly) music from a variety of artists we respect. Special thank you to everyone that sent in material. Please go out and support your favorite artists and they will support you. Participation is critical. Thank goodness for contemporary rap.

Download GRANDGOOD Audiocast Volume 29 (Side A) by G

Thavius Beck – Tweeking On Air
Shyheim – Untitled (Bottom Up Records)
Hornz And Halos – The Feddi
@udiobots – Astro b/w Ghostface
Jay-Z – Comic Book Dreamin (from American Ironman)
Caltroit – Go Hard feat. Rass Kass And Royce Da 59
Orbitron – Orbitron
Aim – Before… feat. QNC
Hi-Fidel And Dj Crucial – Patty Farmington feat. Serengeti
Convenience Store (Neila, Tommy V, evs) – Cowboy Song feat. Maleko, Joe Dub, Ceschi
Joe Dub – Renegade Music
RBX – Never Again feat. Ariano
Rheteric + Isaiah + Mestizo – Untitled
Thavius Beck – Live Programming
Rammellzee + Toxic Live

Download GRANDGOOD Audiocast Volume 29 (Side B) by Chris V

orko eloheim – eloheim 777
many styles and Reason – The Beauty
joe dub – fine wine (feat ceschi ramos on the fender rhodes)
bishop lamont – music shit
orbitron- gatha round
megabusive of the fucking mutants- “…in it for the monetary gain – fuck em, chained to glamour and improper grammar – fuck ’em/dissin the fresh prince and mc hammer fuck them all….”
showbiz and ag – can’t relate
Lake – American Rat
Serengeti – Marry your affair
Gile And Luka aka Dublinerz – Yukhi / Yukhi Remix (peace to Yugoslavia)
connie price and the keystones – highlife ft. mykah 9
johnson & johnson (Blu and Mainframe) – Look
DJ Jazzy Jay / Zulu Nation – Live in 1981

Download GRANDGOOD Audiocast Volume 29 (Side C) by Ming-Tzu

edIT + The Grouch – Back Up Off The Floor Pt. 2
B-Real – Motivation
Hochii – Bullets Through The Speaker
Connie Price And The Keystones + Big Daddy Kane – Across The Board
Doomtree – Flex
Sleep + Zelly Rock – It Goes Down
Cunninlynguists – K.K.K.Y.
Ol’ Dirty Bastard – Wastin’ Time No More
Mr. Green + Killah Priest – Israeli Rips
Ivan Ives – Life Is A Bitch