update: So we received a take down notice in the form of a yout*be message. The subject title reads “Gallo copyright” and therefore we are taking down the interview with Vincent Gallo. Unfortunate because it was really interesting and should be available for easy sharing. That is why I had ripped the clips from the website and combined them into one easy to view stream.

Truth be told, I had an expectation to receive some kind of notice. I just thought it would be interesting to see the extent of the copyright holders reaction. I am surprised they noticed so quickly. Initially my plan was to leave it up and then right a sarcastic response about how marketing campaigns of this nature are futile as they can not successfully recreate a sense of “underground” or artistic revolt, evidenced primarily by limitations of copyright and corporate entitlement. I guess I felt like being a smart *ss. But someone pointed out to me that yout*be might just decide to shutdown our account and I wouldn’t want that so I’ll just fall back. I’ll leave the Rza interviews up until they mention that specifically.

The new commercial for the Belvedere Vodka marketing campaign, which in it’s current state is only a 30 second TV spot, is directed by Terry Richardson, a photographer with a controversial reputation because of his taste for provocative images. News of the campaign and the commercial itself has spread across a variety of rap and art friendly sites due to the involvement of two other complex and generally misunderstood figures, the Wu-Tang general, Rza, and the last american hero, Vincent Gallo.

After watching the main video, which appears to have been heavily edited to fit a 30 second TV segment, you will probably be left with a desire to see or hear more. Good thing then that the minds behind the campaign have decided to upload behind the scenes footage over on the official site. Don’t miss insightful-as-always commentary from Vincent Gallo on the history of the downtown scene and great footage of the Rza playing a soulful chord progression on the piano.

You can visit the nicely presented official site for the campaign at belvederevodka.com where you are treated to all the videos, photographs and more music from the Rza. (via)