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Notorious L.A.D. speaks on the business side of things. Offers a bit more background on his role in AMG. Link

Your first album dropped in ’98, and now you’re preparing your next album for 2008. What’s changed about La the Darkman in those ten years?
I’m a little more mature. I’m a grown man now. I was always a business man, but now I’m co-founder and president of Aphilliates Music Group. I manage Willie The Kid. I’m the sponsor behind the Gangsta Grillz album. I still love the lyrics and the artform, but I can create a DJ Drama and turn him into an owner, make a Willie The Kid, turn him into an owner. I executive produced the upcoming Willie The Kid album, and that’s my younger brother. So as a grown man, it’s the same flavor, but I got other artists to show I can make a company and turn it into a dynasty, like what Wu-Tang, Rap-A-Lot and No Limit did. I want to make the AMG brand into a dynasty. I got [the AMG] label deal with Grand Hustle/Universal. I executive produced DJ Drama’s album, and I got another label deal for La Embassy Entertainment with Steve Rifkind over at SRC. It’s similar to what RZA did back in the day when he had three or four album deals on the table. I’m the marketing mind behind all this. When you see DJ Drama doing the Pepsi commercials, I set up all of that. I’m there top to bottom.

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