Raekwon wasn’t lying about the Rza’s guitar, a gift from Russell Crowe. I guess he’s not feeling the hippy vibe but yo, it might not be that bad. Seems like INS and U-God are down. But it does sound like Rza’s production style has been forever altered so don’t hope to strongly for that ’93 vibe. He’s experimenting a lot with gear and recording and mixing techniques. Messing with 3 mics in one booth? No samples? Logic, Pro-Tools, Reason? Can’t wait to get a listen. Link

Computer, recording hardware, DAW

Apple Mac G5, Logic

Digidesign Digi 002, Pro Tools|HD
Samplers, drum machines

Akai MPC4000

Roland MV-8000, MV-8800
Soft synths, plug-ins

Propellerhead Reason, ReCycle

Sony Oxford EQ, Dynamics

McDSP Filterbank

Waves Platinum bundle
Synths, guitar

Gretsch 1961 guitar

Korg Oasys

Roland V-Synth

Yamaha VL7

SSL G Series

AKG C 12

Neumann U 67, U 87

Shure 55 Unidyne
Mic preamp, EQs, compressors, effects

dbx 160 compressor

Eventide Harmonizer 3000

Lexicon D-Verb

Neve outboard EQs, 1081 preamp, 9080 compressor