He is one funny motherf*cker. He’s been making headlines recently for putting up his sperm for sale on his website. Check out this other item he posted, Chris Squire’s LP on 8 track. Link

Autographed by Vincent Gallo


Only One Available.

This is Chris Squire’s solo masterpiece LP “Fish Out Of Water” on 8 Track format (extremely rare). Vincent Gallo has been a huge Yes fan since he was a young kid, and Yes bassist Chris Squire has always been one of his idols. At the age of 13, Vincent began a highly sexual affair with a 19 year old Buffalo slut who had her own car. Unfortunately, the slut’s car’s only music source was an 8 Track tape player. Though Vincent, already huge, and already a huge record collector, was famous in Buffalo for making mixed tapes, they were all mixed on cassette and could not be played in the slut’s car. During these crude sexual encounters Gallo was starved for music, something to distract him from her alcoholic breath. So Gallo went out and purchased a copy of his idol Chris Squire’s new and latest solo recording “Fish out of Water” on 8 Track. With the over-aged drunken slut, Gallo performed every possible sexual act. Since he only owned a single 8 Track (the one being offered), technically these bizarre sexual encounters were all performed to this actual 8 Track. With some forensic work I’m sure some traces can be found of Gallo’s sexual DNA. Though Gallo still loves to do it in a car, all of his high performance and luxury vehicles now have CD players. Thus, this rare chance and remarkable offering of Chris Squire’s “Fish out of Water” on 8 Track tape. Autographed by Vincent Gallo.
Hold Out Your Hand You By My Side Silently Falling (Part 1) Total Time: 10:27
Silently Falling (Part 2) Total Time: 10:15
Lucky Seven Safe (Canon Song (Part 1) Total Time: 10:53
SAFE (Canon Song) (Part 2) Total Time: 10:53
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