Vincent Gallo 01

The show last night was great. Sean Lennon and Vincent Gallo sung and played beautifully at the Rothko, a venue in the Lower East Side. Lukas Haas’ younger brother backed them up well on the drums. Sorry, no audio or pictures, I had my tape recorder and digital cam ready to go but when I got to the line I noticed they weren’t letting people in with any equipment, even people with cameraphones were not being let in (although it seems some people were able to sneak in stuff, check out the pics at alarming news). They played mostly songs from Gallo’s When album that was released through Warp Records. They also played some of Lennon’s work and they did a beautiful cover of King Crimson’s Moonchild. The place was fire-hazardly packed and you were pretty much stuck in the same spot throughout the set. It lasted for a little over an hour. Gallo’s new film Brown Bunny is being released this weekend in the United States and I heard he was on Howard Stern this morning, must have been interesting.

Vincent Gallo 02

If you didn’t know, Vincent Gallo was poppin in Graffiti Rock back in the day and releasing 12inches under “Prince Vince.” His music is well regarded by musicians like Rick Rubin, thats why you can see Gallo walking around in Jay-Z’s video for 99 problems. He’s also into films, motorcycle racing, audiophilia, steel work, sincerity and girls. He seems like a fun guy.