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It feels odd writing an R.I.P. post as the birthday wishes continue to cascade in from fans, friends and family. However, my birth date makes no difference to death though. For through death, man realizes the impermanence life. Last night, it was brought to my attention that DJ Exotic E has made his transition from physical to non physical, and although some younger DJs reading this post may not be familiar with the name, his influence on DJ culture is significant. Before DJ Craze, Miami had Exotic E. E put the Miami battle seen on the map when he made it all the way to the American Finals of the 1990 DMC. Those are just the material facts. On a personal level, his recent death comes as a shock because E was a member of my crew the X-Men. The X-Men began as a foursome (Sean Cee, Roc Raida, Steve Dee and Johnny Cash) in 1989. By 1990 they began expanding beyond Harlem NYC and recruited the second generation of members Diamond Jay (Long Island) and none other than E (Miami). Myself and Dr. Butcher (Queens) followed after. We are third generation X-Men. But I digress. To become a member of the X-Men you had to possess specific qualities. Technical proficiency, drive, just to name a couple. But being a team player was and always will be most important. E epitomized this. I remember competing against him in the 1991 USA DMC Finals (*yes, we would battle each other too) and after his set was over, he waited for my to go on stage and helped me set up. Exotic was X-Men to the death and I’ll always appreciate that about him. His kind of group loyalty is hard to come by these days! May Exotic E’s death serve as a reminder to everyone reading this that our time on this big rock we live on is short. Thus, do something impactful while you’re here. Cultivate your legacy, cause although men may die, their deeds pave the way for their legacy to live forever. Rest in peace Exotic E (X-Men) #stevedee #seanc #rocraidarip #johnnycash #diamondjay #exotice #robswift #drbutcher #mistasinista #fatmanscoop

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