Jaz O- Foundation (remix)
Volume 10- Pistol Pump
Lakim Shabazz- Need Some Lovin’
The Jaz- Abnormal
Double J- Cannibal Town
The Principle and Silent Eclipse- Reality, Knowledge, Wisdown and Understanding
Latee- Brainstorm (original mix)
Cooly Live- I’m The Man
C.E.B.- The Man
Artifacts- The Interview
Shazam X- Bring Da Ruckus (inst)
The Genius- Living Foul
Motion Man- 93 Swing
UMCs- It’s Gonna Last
A Tribe Called Quest- Mignight
Kirk- Down Low (Bass mix)
To Da Core- We Got It Going’ On (Phat remix)
Nonce- Keep It On Y’all
De La Soul- En Focus
Raidermen- Getting Over
Camp Lo- Say Word
Digable Planets- Escapism (Gettin’ Free)
Cool C- I Gotta Habit (remix)
King Tee- Act A Fool (Compton mix)