The Arsonists dropped a new project and D-Stroy chops it up with 7th Boro about times old and new.

Spek27: Another song you did that I wanna mention was the hidden track on Statik Selektah’s album. How did that come about?

D-Stroy: (laughing) Statik was like “Yo D, I want you to be featured on my album” and I was like I don’t like your music. He was like “C’mon, you’re my friend. How is it that my friend doesn’t wanna be on my album?” I’m like ok, if I’m on your album, it’s not gonna be about any thug shit. Cause I knew all those guys. I know everybody. And these guys are funny, but they don’t show it on record which really frustrated me. So I was like yo, I got a song about me taking a shit. You wanna put that on there? And it’s a hidden track because I’m from the fuckin De La Soul era when Prince Paul used to do shit like that. Find the shortest song on the album, put it on the back of it, and if people find it, it becomes a little extra special. The rest of that album is rap shit. It’s like hoodie rap, which is dope. But then you come across a song about a guy having to take a shit. I saw it as an opportunity to prove I’m an artist and I see it as an art. I definitely see it as an art. And I’ve had people quote shit from there. And it’s funny, cause they get it. They get that this shit is fun. It’s dope, we love everything, but I’m flowing on that song. I’m an mc on it. That was originally a song I wrote with Tony Touch on my Touch & D-Stroy demo. Rza used to tell me “yo, I love that shitty situation song”. On the demo. For years. Cause it was so different. An era when…nobody was talking about that. So when they played it, they didn’t expect it. But they knew my personality. Like if anybody is gonna do it, it’s that dude. And I love that Statik embraced it.