Trends of Culture- Off And On
Sadat X- The Lump Lump
Blahzay Blahzay- Pain I Feel
Nine- The Cypher
MC Tee and Lord Tasheen- Talkin’ Loud
Level One- Keep The Crowd In Peace
Unique and Dashan- Three The Hard Way
Frick and Frack- Jealous Girls
Krown Rulers- Kick The Ball (Super Dope remix #2)
Sirocalot- Sirocalot
Ultimate Force- I’m In Effect
Extra Curricular- I’m Tee Love
YZ G Rock- In Control Of Things
Boogie Down Productions- My Philosophy
Dose Material- Dope Material
Bang O- Mass Movement
Kenny Dope presents The Mad Racket- Supa (bonus beats)
Y’all So Stupid- Introduce Me
Yaggfu Front- Slapping Suckas Silly
Da King & I- This Is How We Do
Kool Keith- Prepare
Mr Complex- Against The Grain
Crooklyn Dodgers- Crooklyn
Common- Communism