Shouts to Emil. Big up W&W for the look.

A few words about my new song “Periodico de Hoy”:

This song is for my wife and my daughter. My wife is a proud Puerto Rican American and, obviously, my daughter is partially Puerto Rican as well. For this compilation, I wanted to make a “Moombahton” song that celebrated their Puerto Rican heritage at a time in America where it feels like Spanish speaking non-whites are particularly vulnerable. I sampled the horns and strings from the very popular Hector Lavoe love song “Periodico de Ayer” and attempted to re-cast the dramatic horns and strings of the somewhat sad original song as a triumphant celebration of the Afro-Cuban heritage that informs modern Latin music in a more contemporary Reggaeton/Moombahton context. I also added an extremely powerful snippet of a speech by the Puerto Rican Nationalist Pedro Albizu Campos decrying the United States occupation of Puerto Rico. I am very proud of the song and hope you guys enjoy it.

If you do (or even if you don’t!) please consider supporting the entire compilation that Jon Kwest and SAZON LIBRE have put together where all of the proceeds will go towards Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. Either way, thanks for listening!