Read: Pirate Bay Founder Builds ‘$10 Million Damages per Day’ Piracy Machine

The machine, dubbed the “Kopimashin”, generates 100 copies of Gnarls Barkely track “Crazy” every second, which means more than 8 million copies per day. As the music industry prices each act of copying at $1.25 per copy, this means the Kopimashin can generate $10 million worth of damages in a single day.
The machine does make digital copies of that single track, but it sends all copies to /dev/null, a location on Unix/Linux systems that instantly discards all input to it (as an easy way to discard unneeded output).

The Kopimashin is part of an art project that aims to show the true value, or the lack of it, of digital copies.

check it out @ KH000