First of its kind? I thought these battles took place regularly in Europe and Asia. Maybe not Queens though.

B-Boy Makes Comeback with Queens Competition

A dance craze from the 1980s is set to make a comeback in Queens later this month. Organizers say it will be the first competition of its kind. NY1’s Ruschell Boone filed this report.

  1. lord extra (Reply) on Jan 11, 2015

    these battles do happen world wide with about 5 or 6 similar types of events in the US….(Freestyle Session being one of the more well known that started on the west coast).
    This is a badly researched piece for sure.

  2. Sharisa Flores (Reply) on Jan 18, 2015

    Yes battles happen like this all the time, but this is a sporting event not a dance battle. There will be stats, sports casting, live score board, and a ten point scoring system. The event is set up as a sports athletic battle. There will be a series for a televised segment and they are offering one of the highest prize allotment.