Drake takes the time to provide context for Bank’s emotional radio interview and drills down on many of the most significant points of the broader discussion on race and hip-hop’s proliferation and trajectory in mainstream media. And he touches on something that I couldn’t stop thinking about after I watched the interview, although Banks makes a lot of interesting comments and appears to try very hard to express herself from the perspective of a hard working “creative”, she is arguably not a hip-hop artist. I can foresee the arguments to the contrary but seriously though, have you listened to the majority of her music? I supposed that my opinion on her output shouldn’t outweigh her commentary but unfortunately it does, it’s just my natural inclination. Ebro hit it dead on, her music would be less uninteresting if she managed to incorporate some of those complex ideas. But as we all know – see Iggy’s music – that’s not something that is easy to do nor likely to be massively popular. Or is it? Someone ask Lauryn Hill.