GLOBAL PLATOON – ” TOLIVEANDNEVERSAYDIE ” 1997 Launch Pad Records Vaulted release will finally see the light of day ……
This Baltimore super crew comprised of soloist / groups / and DJs.
From the brainchild of M.I./ DJ ROCKIT who also released two previous 12″ under the LAUNCHPAD banner in early 1997 titled “STREETS OF GOLD” aka “GUNS” feat. STEVE COLOSSAL / M.I. then later the 12″ / “JEZEBEL” feat .BOSCH both made a little noise but didnt get its shine!!! Fast forward to late 97 the crew camped out in the LAB and put forth this classic material for the world to hear amongst the PRE Y2K hype
Executive produced by DJ Rockit aka ROCK DOLO / M.I. and Produced by DJ Cutt