Couple years old indie raps from Redwood City. Rap for rap’s sake. Peace to KingElJen.

    how about that #kingELJEN verse though?

    dfs is making you runnerups sick
    slouches, when i say “its gets hot in the forest”,
    i meant that I’m a magnifying glass in the sun melting insects
    between all of us, we’ve written more shit than minutes have ticked-
    since youve been living.
    in your idiot existence finishing second to- ELJEN and his friends, with no exception
    ……and i might look like a zoned out vietnam vet
    when you see me walking up the block with a camouflage hat, & my heads boppin
    and im mumbling something to myself
    and i DO smell like grapes dork, IM GETTING 16s READY FOR ASSAULT!
    zip your chicken beak lips
    you talk and talk- but your mind state’s a hop, skip and a jump from retarded, at best……”

    i got kicked out of dfs for being wack lol (SERIOUSLY) so look for the release coming soon from
    time to crush

  2. spexxx (Reply) on May 29, 2013

    Correction:You got kicked out of DFS for constantly behaving like an egotistical know it all who refuses to take any sort of direction or constructive criticism.Stop using my music to promote yourself.That is what your new shit is for.Thanks.

    • TOKIWARTOOTH (Reply) on Sep 5, 2013

      Lmfao – “egotistical know it all” thats ironic. bruh, to assume i sent gg a link to ur old ass shit to promote myself is hella sad. you dont know shit. Ur not in the mix. and theres not another person on earth besides you that would use egotisical to describe me. the song was tight, THATS why gg posted it. I had nothing to do with it smart guy. plus literally noone cares. but u have to put a “correction” like a toy and throw shade. as if it matters. as if ANYONE gives a fuck. bc ur right, my new shit promotes me- not your retro spective sound.