Public Enemy

Congratulations to Public Enemy for the induction!

One Morning Spring Of 86″ I Cross Path Wit Hank Shocklee On Lenox Ave. (Harlem) And He Handed Me A Logo Saying “Watch Out For This Group” Later That Year Him Along Wit Chuck D Came To Union Square Asking Me To Try Out A Test Pressing Acid Tape (Record) They Brought Me, Of Course No Response From The Audience As I Played It. They Took Back The Record & Said Thanks For Giving It A Try. By The Next Year Of 87″ Playing In Latin Quarters I Received From Def Jam Their First Official Single “Public Enemy No. #1” Every Time I Played The Record The Audience Would Look Up To Me In The Booth & Say “Cut That Bullshit Off” But I Kept Playin It In There As Well On The Radio. Even A DJ Who Played For A Well Known Artist Said To Me “Nobody Want To Hear That Farrakan Preaching Nonsense” But Of Course I Also Pay Him No Mind. Many Don’t Understand How This Group Put Their Life On The Line For It’s Belief, Culture, Nationality, Etc. The Received Death Threats When They Traveled Different Places Around The World. Their Leader (Chuck D) Challenger People On Media, Radio & T.V. By Sticking To His Guns Speaking Intelligence, They Couldn’t Comprehend Because He Represent The Culture (Hip-Hop) But Spoke Well. OnThis Day April 18th 2013 They Will Be The Fourth Rap Group Being Inducted Into The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. I Loved Them, Proud Of Them & Respect Them To The Fullest.