Good ‘ol Buck recorded an album over the weekend and is now giving it away. This might remind you of the way Vertex was created.

1. Morning
2. Poland
3. Boys vs. Girls (feat. Francesca Anderson)
4. Sex For Breakfast
5. Lavender Runway (beat by Name Secrets)
6. Unconditional
7. Stop Calling Me
8. Madelline
9. Eat the Whole Thing
10. F*** This City
11. I Gotta Pee
12. Coco Babe
13. Baby Wipes
14. I Wish That I Didn’t

  1. Dot Com Intelligence (Reply) on Sep 20, 2016

    If you guys at the Glorious GrandGood get a chance, please listen and if you like… post my project.. Thanks in advance……