Focusing primarily on his work with the Youth in his community (Blackbird Fly, PEMG) as well as working in the board of education, NYOIL has largely avoided the spotlight and stage for a classroom and smart board.

This new Video and reflects a reintroduction to NYOIL beyond the rhetoric, fire and brimstone of his former incarnation. Directed by his daughter Shaneay “BigNay the IceQueen” Sharpton and shot by his son Bilal “B-marvel” Sharpton as a part of his music mentoring program PEMG. “I’m excited about this video, because the old NYOIL is kool and even though he keeps it real, I’m excited for people to see my Father the way I see him.” said Shaneay.

With our compliments enjoy NYOIL’s brand of HipHop for the sophisticated and intelligent listener.