Z-Man – 4 Hours of Sleep

Peace to Atak

Originally released way back on cassette and Cd-r all put together by hand jookin’ them in the streets and thru ATAK. “4 Hours of Sleep” is considered by many to be Z’s best work, dirty and Lo-Fi, desperate and personal the songs are pages torn out of the book of Z’s life at the time. Gurp City is proud to make it available for the first time in digital format.

LPs, Re(tro)spect, on by .

One thought on “Z-Man – 4 Hours of Sleep

  1. CarrollShelby

    “Wine, Women & Song/The Bachelors” with Vrse Murphy/Sacred Hoop behind the boards is considered by many to be Z’s second best work. Then “Don’t Forget To Brag” with G-Pek and then “Live From The Candy House” and then


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