Did I say adorably? Maybe I meant cringe inducingly?

  1. Benson's Butthair (Reply) on Feb 15, 2013

    That pussy from CNN makes me want to throw up. Who the would be interested in watching him act like he’s funny while desperately trying to stay politically correct and also acting like he’s shocking someone with his 40 oz talk. What a square douche bag. Will someone please mug him when he leaves the studio next time?

    ASAP (not a fan), Danny Brown & Cathy Fire Crotch (not a fan) all crack me up though during this. She doesn’t care if the whole world knows she’s looking for rapper donkey haha.

  2. g@grandgood.com (Reply) on Feb 15, 2013

    in other words, nothing about this is notable. agreed

  3. g@grandgood.com (Reply) on Feb 15, 2013

    shit. Why did i even write this? I think i just felt like writing. What a waste