WaxPo catches up with Full Force’s Bowlegged Lou.

House Party has become such a cult film now, how is it looking back and knowing that you were a part of it? Remembering what it was like at the time and seeing it be so iconic still?

Man, it’s just incredible. Who would have known? For us to even act in a movie, people were shocked at our performances first of all. We have a book out now called Not Just a House Party where we talk about our lives and everything like that. When we were little kids I used to write plays for my two brothers and me to do in the house. I used to force them to do plays and act, and that’s how we built our chemistry. I’ll never forget Ralph Tresvant from New Edition said “when I saw House Party I was shocked! Full Force??!” He didn’t think that we would be able to act. My first two brothers were in the movie Krush Groove with Kurtis Blow and Run-D.M.C. and they had two scenes were they were just beating up Run-D.M.C. So when House Party came along, our names were already written in the script. We didn’t know until afterwards that the director had written in the original script that the Kid N Play characters “get accosted by bullies with bowling ball muscles and drooping Jheri curls, sort of like Full Force.” Just like that.