I’m trying to figure out what it is about this that I sorta like. It’s not the beat which, although it ain’t bad, is too recognizable to me from Lauryn Hill’s Ex-Factor. It’s not the rapping, which again, ain’t that it’s bad, but it’s not exactly moving me. I think it might be the understated positivity. The vibe is positive and the video is them having fun, in direct contrast with the trying-too-hard seriousness that I seem to get bombarded with regularly. In other words, they’re chillin, or they’re trying to give that impression. And I can dig it. People need to just chill sometimes. I’ll leave it to the race mongers to reach and ask why no ethnically diverse women? Maybe they just couldn’t afford enough extras. Although I didn’t see any there’s a red cup vibe thing happening that reminds me of a recent Nore favorite, the majorly slept on Like The Way.