re(tro)spect: Ginzu333 – Welcome To The Erasure

I used to listen to this. Not sure who the second mc is. Although I don’t know, I imagine this was created in a home studio. I’d call it basement rap but do they have basements in Canada? This is at least 14 years old if my math is right.

Ginzu333 – Welcome To Erasure

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2 thoughts on “re(tro)spect: Ginzu333 – Welcome To The Erasure

  1. rap legend Jesse Dangerously

    Oh my god I google my homie’s name for the first time maybe EVER, and I find you posted this classic joint like two weeks ago??? That’s amazing to me!

    The second MC is Knowself, who was a legend in Halifax (where we’re from) and kind of a lesser known but important rap figure throughout Canada.

    The cuts are by Kuttin’ Kracker, who came up with Skratch Bastid but went and got a PhD or something instead of staying a DJ.

    We recorded these tracks in 1999 or 2000. Did you save this from



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