I used to listen to this. Not sure who the second mc is. Although I don’t know, I imagine this was created in a home studio. I’d call it basement rap but do they have basements in Canada? This is at least 14 years old if my math is right.

Ginzu333 – Welcome To Erasure

  1. Oh my god I google my homie’s name for the first time maybe EVER, and I find you posted this classic joint like two weeks ago??? That’s amazing to me!

    The second MC is Knowself, who was a legend in Halifax (where we’re from) and kind of a lesser known but important rap figure throughout Canada.

    The cuts are by Kuttin’ Kracker, who came up with Skratch Bastid but went and got a PhD or something instead of staying a DJ.

    We recorded these tracks in 1999 or 2000. Did you save this from mp3.com??


  2. Osaka Horsey Sauce (Reply) on Oct 26, 2012

    The cuts are by Skratch Bastid. This is one of the earliest extant recordings of the dude