“Why ‘Lord Finesse Vs. Mac Miller’ May Be More Important Than You Think”

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4 thoughts on ““Why ‘Lord Finesse Vs. Mac Miller’ May Be More Important Than You Think”

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  2. Xenophon

    I think your point was clarified at the end, where you used the Pete Rock vs Lupe argument for perspective. The issue doesn’t seem that it’s the sample, and I think you say that in a roundabout way.

    The issue is that Mac seems to have rhymed over Lord Finesse’s instrumental. He didn’t just sample the original recording, as Lupe did, which has happened 8 billion times in hip hop. Many artists/producers make a sample famous, even though later productions using the sample sound totally different (think Jay-Z Show Me What You Got vs Rump Shaker). I think Pete’s issue was that I made this sample famous, go dig for your own samples. I can’t recall anyone else using the Dionne Warwick track that Dila used for “Stop” on Donuts, but afterwards, I heard it on two or three beats.

    Lord Finesse’s issue is, I made this entire beat…chopped it up, tracked it, and everything, and you came along and used it. I want compensation for all that time and effort. I’m not a big proponent of suing someone over mixtape tracks, but I came up in an era where the mixtape wasn’t used as it is today; they’re basically albums now. He’s probably got a point with this.

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  4. Spencer S

    Great piece, I linked it in an article i just published about the June 18th albums and Mac Miller, love for you to check it


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