More awkward courtesy of rich people and the great digicam proliferation. Apparently it is much more difficult to mass produce and consume editing skils though. By the way, this is sort of how Willow Smith’s fake music career started. And now, uppity self-loathing wedding videographers everywhere are running to Kinkos to re-print flyers with revised list of services and will then accidentally drop stacks of them at the nearest private junior highs they wish they could afford to send their children to. Or maybe not. But still. And did Kanye give Kim the ok to perform Biggie’s music in this way? I’m sure Jay Electronica would have never allowed his rich girlfriend (who I might point out is not only rich but an Heiress which is a designation that automatically proves Jay beats Kanye) to go in without at least fully memorizing the lyrics and understanding the true meaning behind the great Hypnotize single that I couldn’t stand when it came out and still kind of can’t, save for the fact that I know it is really about Biggie’s induction into the Illuminati.