“Aaron Evans & Generik performing their song “We All Work” live on the San Diego MTS Trolley for a Trolley Show”


  1. Aaron Evans (Reply) on Aug 23, 2013

    Last week my music video “We All Work” (A Trolly Show) went viral on REDDIT reaching #7 on the front page and #1 on the music page for almost 24 hours. It then climbed as high as #4 on Youtube’s Most Popular list. Needless to say, it’s got a LOT of attention, half a million hits is a ballgame changer. I made my national TV debut on ABC’s Right This Minute and media has
    been pouring in.

    I’ve made positive underground Hip Hop for ten years and I’ve had some success’s but never anything like this. People seem to be really connecting with message it sends. I aim to make music from the heart and this video breaking is a dream come true. I’d love to line up a interview… Drop me a line…

    We are RISING! We are ONE!!!