Aye, new rap with a NY feel getting hyped across the interwebs. The vdo accentuates the city affiliation and reveals Wiki Morales’ everyday flavor. The track comes from his 1993 EP which has some more joints worth your while and may have ended up being overlooked had it not been for this well themed visual. His slang is familiar and the strong positive reaction he is garnering leads me to wonder if heads are welcoming this based on the specifics of the composition or if this is a way to express how much they sorely miss a bygone era. Both likely but of course the era and styles highlighted here never really went anywhere, especially within certain pockets of our beloved boroughs. And although this might catch some of us with less of a surprise it is still hella welcomed. So peace and respect to the Letter Racer crew. And, please do yourself a favor and listen to the unedited 20 or so minute interview with renowned documentary filmmaker Christine Choy that they included as the last track of their record. She offers an incredibly honest and forthcoming discussion on her background and her view of the current market for cinema enthusiasts. Not gonna go in detail as I don’t want to blow up her spot but some of the things she says, woooo, not sure if her overseers @ NYU would be happy with. These kids are obviously informing their music with more than Hot 97.

Peace to Rafi & Heems and the other thirty odd people that put this my way.