Had I read Bol’s thorough breakdown of this XXL and Too Short child sex advice f*ckery earlier (more fun and insightful than R. Cepeda’s opinion piece on CNN, different audience I know) I would have made sure to allude to it when I shared that GDP track with hints of inappropriate sexcapades. I first came across the anti-XXL crusade on tweezy fo sheezy when @DreamHampton signed but I didn’t think much of it, mostly because I don’t think much of XXL. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, seeing as how they actually do a pretty good job aggregating hip-hop music across the indie-to-mainstream spectrum, and also – full disclosure! – it is the only offline publication GRNDGD has ever been featured in (I think) for Best Rap Blog or something like that. But as the third-eye-unblind Byron Crawford points out, the editorial staff over there isn’t exactly on a higher level. Granted it is hard as hell selling ad space when crappy MOG-like networks give it away practically for free and if you are consistently obliged to cop out to adult dvd manufacturers and faux jewelry experts how else are you going to keep it interesting for them? And see how I completely avoided the issue at hand? If I was XXL I would call me out on that. And then I would simply delete this post and the five of you that read it would be oh so bothered! Update: For an example of a better way to address retractions please see HipHopDX’s approach to plagiarized reviews.