Sage Francis – The Godcast Is Not Great (Hitchens Tribute) / mix

We lost a great writer, journalist, debater, intellect and free thinker on December 15, 2011. Much can be said about Christopher Hitchens, good and bad, but rather than speak in his defense it’s probably best to just let the man speak for himself. No one can do it better.

This 38 minute mix is a collection of audio clips taken from Hitchens’ debates, interviews & speeches. Similar to previous Godcasts, the music is a mishmash of various genres and song clips, ranging from very familiar to totally obscure, all arranged and edited by Sage Francis.

Offended Every Day
F*ck ‘Em or Fleece ‘Em
Genital Mutilation
Vicarious Redemption
Breech of Taste
A Most Subtle PSA
The Argument that Never Goes Stale
It’s Called Culture
Limerick Roll
The Original Repudiation
Theresa Cult Vs. Empowerment of Women
The Clever Clever Question
Dropkick Me Jesus
A Final Note