If you’ve been unlucky as me (and Esquire) then you’ve come across the newish McDonald’s Big Mac promotional campaign, incorporating tv & radio spots, with “remakes” of highly regarded tracks from Craig Mack and A Tribe Called Quest. I saw the commercial online a few days ago and although it was uncomfortable I chuckled and kept it moving. But today I had the displeasure of hearing the Check The Rhime version (you want fries with that? all the time yo! or some such nonsense) and I was thoroughly disappointed. At least the vid was somewhat minimalist, making use of the instrumental only, but the gall of re-writing lyrics! Ayoooo! So in order to help you direct your disappointment I sorta pinpointed the parties responsible: Artists & Brands LLC (Darkchild’s company), Burrell Communications (experts in engaging African Americans, their words, not mine), I.B. Fokuz (rapper), Nizm (rapper) & of course McDonalds (press contact).