Long-time WFMU Hip-Hop radio show takes to the web….

“Since I moved out of New Jersey, I didn’t make it to the WFMU schedule this time around, maybe next season. I figured instead of me not doing the show at all, I might as well try another route. I’ve put a lot of hard work into it over the years. From making physical flyers, t-shirts, setting up a website, basic online promotions, to booking all the guests as well. I shouldn’t let not being on a radio schedule stop me from doing what I love. The decision to re-launch the
show via social networking sites is the best move at the moment as far as getting the word out there, let’s keep our fingers crossed, and give it a shot!”

Noah will upload the show at the same time each Wednesday evening at 8pm (East Cost Time) coffeebreakradio.com